Trendy living room with wallpaper focal point

When decorating your home, establishing a focal point in each room will elevate the beauty of your decor and, in many cases, can add value to your residence. Some focal points you can create yourself, but with others, you should hire a professional for the best result.

Living Room

In the central area of your home, where family and guests gather, you can create an accent wall as your focal point. Select the wall at the far end of the room to add depth to your space. Instead of using paint to create an accent, as most homeowners do, choose a more distinctive look such as stacked stone. With this type of accent wall, you’ll also create texture in your living room which will look gorgeous with almost any style of decor.

Dining Room

You can create a different type of accent wall for the focal point in your formal dining room. Instead of a typical hutch in the room, install multiple floating shelves along one wall. Stagger the shelving for a fabulous look. On the shelves, you can display a collection of crystal, silver, or china pieces. Wooden shelves work well in both traditional and contemporary homes. Metal looks fabulous if you have industrial-inspired decor. Glass shelves are perfect in ultra-modern homes.


The best way to create a focal point in the kitchen is with your island. Instead of a typical island that you’ll find in any home, opt for an unusual design. Use a converted antique bureau or a distressed dresser. If you want a modern look, try black cabinetry with a stainless steel top. If you don’t need seating at your island, you can opt for a round design with a butcher-block top and cabinets all around. Another chic design is an oblong-shaped island with glass cabinetry where you can display formal dinnerware, cookbooks, or other unique items.


You don’t often see a focal point in a hall. However, you can create a great look by painting the ceiling a contrasting color. This choice will draw attention upward, making the hallway feel spacious, and the color will generate a lot of interest. Hang artwork on the walls that contain the same color as the ceiling to coordinate the look.


For your sleeping areas, the bed is generally the focal point of the room. Select a textured bedspread or a quilt and pile decorator pillows onto the bed. To make the bed stand out more, create a unique headboard. One approach is to hang a large, rectangular piece of art on the wall. For a trendy look, choose a geometric or abstract painting that contains multiple bright colors. Your quilt and pillows should mimic one or more of the colors in the picture to create a cohesive appearance.


A great way to create a focal point in a bathroom is with a fantastic tub. If you have a built-in design, replace it with a freestanding version. Large and small options exist in a variety of styles to fit your space perfectly. Include a crystal chandelier over the tub for an elegant look. If you don’t have a bathtub, your shower can become the focal point. Install a frameless shower with tiles in the enclosure that resemble brick, wood, or even stones. This look will capture everyone’s attention because it’s a design that you won’t see in every other house in the neighborhood.

Creating focal points in your rooms will make your home stand out and increase its overall value, making artistic touches and stunning, distinctive updates worth the investment. Everyone in your family and all of your guests will love the custom features, which will become conversation pieces in your residence.